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We have been working hard the last week to get our Black Ops 3 Hacks coded and ready for you guys to use. We have finished coding and have tested them thoroughly; the engine is very similar to the previous Call of Duties. Therefore, this wasn’t such a difficult task. The VAC system on Black Ops 3 is currently entirely bypassed.

Our fully working feature list so far:

Aimbot – We have a very stable and working aimbot, this can also be used as a triggerbot for those looking to be less suspicious when gaming with our black ops three cheats. You can expect high reliability when using our aimbot, and it should lock onto targets correctly. It can be configured to be used only when visible, and to auto fire for those of you lazy rage hackers!

Wallhack – Our wallhack is giving great detail to our users. You will see snaplines leading you to you’re targeting, as well as highlighted bones from their body through walls! Our Black ops three wallhacks or ESP as it’s commonly known really can give the edge to our players to make sure they are ahead of everyone else.

All of our cheats work cross-platform. Therefore this will work on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is a full tutorial included in our download on how to use it on consoles; it is straightforward and only requires a few minutes to setup, no need to mod your console.

All cheats come with a full VAC system bypass. We do this with our polymorphic encryption. Therefore every build is different. This can never be detected and would take Activision years to crack our game code. Thus we are fully confident in our black ops three hacks.

Here is a little preview of our hack so far, more features have been added since.

black ops three hacks On Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Call of Duty is one franchise that has never failed to provide us with jaw-dropping first-person shooters which immerse you in their gameplay as if you have jumped into a whole new dimension. With the latest releases of Advanced Warfare following Ghosts, I knew that the franchise is taking the game and adding some twists to it. With these statements, it can’t be called the pure FPS it once focused on. Instead, the franchise has added some fundamental changes to the game and gave it a whole new meaning.

It seems like it won’t be any different with the upcoming ‘Black Ops III.’ As a devoted fan of the game, I can say that the BO series never really gave me the experience that I got from Modern Warfare or Ghosts. They were awesome in every way, but they just lacked the class which defines the game. As we all know, even the poorest selling game of the COD franchise ends up being the highest selling game of the year. That’s Call of Duty for you.

However, when Advanced Warfare was released, we found that COD had taken a turn. It was now focusing on a gameplay closer to Crysis’ rather than its prequel. Notably, the movement feature in AW indeed displayed that; dashing around; enormous distances; jetpacks; it was all in there. Similarly, COD BO III is more futuristic. Expect super-soldiers people.

Being futuristic, it is set in the year 2065. You get to see some superb guns and also customize them. Speaking of customization, one of the significant changes brought on is that you can customize your character. Also, once you have made your perfect style, you also get to see it in cutscenes – amazing isn’t it?

Everything aside, its campaign is what has me taken aback. A remarkable story is expected with stunning graphics to add to the gameplay, plus the fact that the story also has a part in Singapore – a 2065 Singapore – which is as scenic and beautiful as ever. Also, BO III differs again, in its movement. Although Advanced Warfare did bring on some significant changes, BO III involves wall running as well. This tactic also becomes necessary in some missions to move on to the next level, with the absolute risk of falling to your death. Dashing is removed, though the vast double jumps are still in the game.

Saving the best for last, there is also an entirely new feature added to the game called the Specialists included in the multiplayer mode. Now, these guys are just awesome. Each one of them has their very own specialty and also a unique weapon. The hobby might as well be called a ‘super’ or an ‘ult’ for Destiny and LOL players, which give the player a unique power to use in the game. These can be pretty quickly wasted so use them wisely. This is again, a bit similar to Crysis; only you don’t get to use them as frequently.

All in all, the game feels like a necessary change to the franchise to boost the sales about the recent downfalls. It sure is a must-have game for this year and will be released in November. You can get the Beta version now and also pre-order the complete version.

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